środa, 21 sierpnia 2013

Vodice part 6 - National Park Krka

I had to take a short break.

I had to ask where is the next swimming pool, because it was so hot!

It must have been one photo of the family.

Wonderful shop.

(t-shirt H&M/ shorts Ravel/ slippers School/ swimsuit Roxy/ bag HandMade by Me/ watch S.T.A.M.P.S./ sunglasses No Name)
Photos: Marcheline

wtorek, 20 sierpnia 2013

poniedziałek, 19 sierpnia 2013

niedziela, 18 sierpnia 2013

piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

Vodice - Croatia part 1

First time in water.

It's too cold I go out.

 First blood.

I had to see what is under the water.

And I fished that.

I walked on water!

 My first ice-cream.

Little session ;)

(t-shirt Pull&Bear/ swimsuit Roxy/ boots Adidas/ bag Hand Made by me/ fins and mask Decathlon/ towel No Name)